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How To Make Your WordPress Website Faster - An Ultimate Checklist

Learn everything I do to make my WordPress website super fast.

Apr 27, 2021 Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Website Management

  1. Remove unnecessary plugins
  2. Reduce size of your page
  3. Use Google AMP
  4. Distribute comments across multiple pages
  5. Keep your software updated
  6. Minimize the number of DNS lookups
  7. Avoid redirects
  8. Check your links
  9. Test your site with AdBlockers
  10. Minify HTML
  11. Minify CSS
  12. Don’t host video on your own site
  13. Compress web fonts
  14. Set a limit for revisions
  15. Concatenate CSS


  1. Load CSS and JavaScript asynchronously
  2. Place render blocking CSS inline
  3. Properly set up your favicon
  4. Place all CSS resources in head
  5. Minimize cookie size
  6. Set up your error pages
  7. Use system fonts
  8. Use tree shaking (CSS & JS)
  9. Don’t use @import
  10. Use critical path rendering
  11. Make CSS non-blocking
  12. Use the preload directive
  13. Use non-blocking JavaScript
  14. Reduce and combine external scripts
  15. Optimize your PHP code


  1. Use the right file types
  2. Specify image dimensions
  3. Use lazy loading
  4. Defer the loading of images

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