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25+ Ways to save your Laptop's battery life

Eating healthy and exercise doesn't help your computer's life, so let's see (or read) what's makes your computer eternal.

Jul 31, 2022 Updated: Jul 31, 2022

This list is for Windows users but most of the advice will work for all operating systems. I made this list for a quick review and if you need to know in detail about any step then Google it, this is just to keep it short otherwise this list would be huge.

Not just our code but laptop also should be in good condition, so make sure you are not torturing your laptop.

  1. Use Power Saver Mode : When you are not doing any heavy work switch to power saver mode, so that your laptop can relax a bit.

  2. Reduce Screen Brightness : A big amount of battery is used in powering your screen. Set the brightness level as low as possible while keeping the visibility, don’t go too low as it will cause strain on eyes.

  3. Solid Colors Everywhere : Use a solid color wallpaper as it will save some processing power compared to a wallpaper filled with vivid colors. Also try to use this concept everywhere you can to apply solid colors, such as WhatsApp chat background color.

  4. Actually Turn It Off : Don’t just put down the laptop screen, as it will continue to use power. Shutting down when not using it will be good for battery health.

  5. Hibernate Rather Than Sleep : If you don’t want to shut down your laptop because you need it after short period of time then put it on hibernate mode instead of sleep.

  6. Free Up Hard Drive : Don’t keep extra useless junk in your hard drive, keep deleting unnecessary stuff.

  7. Disable Spotlight Search : Disable the spotlight search as it continuously using resources.

  8. Keep it Cool : Don’t use or leave your laptop in extreme hot or cool environments. For example, in your car in a sunny day.

  9. Let Air Pass Through Vents : Don’t block air by keeping it in your lap or flat on tables as mostly vents are beneath the laptop.

  10. Use Incognito Mode : Auto fill suggestions use processing power so go incognito when browsing internet. This might not save a lot of power but I use this.

  11. Don’t Plug-in All The Time : Save charge cycles, which are typically 500. Keep your laptop battery between 50% to 80%.

  12. Plug-in Before It Goes Off : Never ever let the battery drain completely.

  13. Unplug Unused Peripherals : Unplug all the unused peripherals. Such as mouse, keyboard, usb drives, etc.

  14. Mute Speakers : When you are not doing any sound related work then mute the speakers. Always keep the speakers muted and only increase volume when you need it.

  15. Switch Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth : Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are constantly looking for connections and use power.

  16. Background Apps and Services : Turn off any unnecessary background running apps and services, but make sure you do not remove any important stuff you don’t know about; so just be careful when you do this.

  17. Turn off Auto Updates : Set the updates to manual. That’s it, super simple.

  18. Turn off Notifications : Notifications will continuously look for internet connection and use resources, so just disable it.

  19. Turn Off Animations & Graphic Acceleration : Graphics and animations take reasonable amount of resources. If you want to squeeze more performance then definitely turn those off.

  20. Keep OS Updated : Keep your operating system up to date, it helps in performance.

  21. Focus on One Thing : Don’t keep multiple softwares open (like, chrome, vlc, video player, game, etc) and don’t use too many tabs in apps like chrome and others.

  22. Use Airplane Mode : Use airplane mode so it doesn’t use power on wireless connections.

  23. Upgrade HDD to SSD : Solid State Drive(SSD) is a lot faster and it’ll help your laptop boot up really fast. If you install other softwares on it, they will also perform amazingly.

  24. Clean and Dust free : Now moving to hardware side, keep your laptop shining like it’s new. Keep it clean without damaging anything, so be careful here.

  25. Use Original Adapter : Make sure to use original adapter for better health of your laptop battery and other components.

  26. Monitor Battery Health : Keep noticing the performance and battery life of laptop everyday. You can use some softwares to check the battery health and other details.

  27. Carry a Backup Battery : If you need then keep a backup battery with you.

Phew, that’s a lot to remember. That’s why I wrote this article so that that I can read it in future. Hope it helps.


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